Friday, January 18, 2008

Please, Sir.

Embarrassment of riches. They want to give us some more winter. It's cleared off for the time being here in 27408, sunny and warming a little bit, even, but it's meant to snow all day tomorrow— we may get 1-3 inches. I'm struggling to believe it, but I want to believe it, so there's that to kick around for the afternoon.

I'm having some trouble remembering to bring in the laundry from out back, such that I wake up each morning with no socks still, and have to trundle outside in robe and shoes and grab a pair of clean socks from the big pile next to the dryer. I remembered one night this week to bring clean socks in before I went to bed, and it seemed like unimaginable luxury the next morning when I woke up and there were socks, right there, on top of the dresser, waiting for me: Socks! Why I brought in just the one pair of socks and not the whole clean laundry basket is a matter for another conversation. This little life I'm leading of late is starting to show some worn spots.

AMR returns in one week. I'm trying like all hell to finish the work I told myself I would, having long since given up on house and automotive projects and just instead wallowing down as far into the novel as I can. Write in the morning. Write in the afternoon. Sit as still as possible in the evenings and try not to knock things off balance. Live in this weird rhythm, a one-man writer's colony, for one more week. Out to the shed and back again. School and another less-sockless version of this life is looming out there in the margins and parts of that scare me in such a way as to be almost paralyzing, but if I can push all that back into the corners for several hours each day and live in the odd world of mulch yards and sons and halfassed marital fiasco the book wants me to, then I do OK.

Snow coming, I hope. They've gifted us with a second Winter Weather Watch. Two in one week. If you can't find something to talk about, friends and fans of weather, you can always talk about the weather. One of the local fancies says it may be as cold as 10 degrees on Sunday night. This is some weather we're having, isn't it?

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AMR said...

the internet came on tonight. your new photo is beautiful. you ought to take more photos, yo.