Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clouding Over.

We have some sort of cloud situation rolling in, perhaps even a bit of humidity, and the chance of showers overnight and tomorrow. You're still going to want long sleeves out there, friends and fans of October weather, and if indeed we get the rain, you're going to want chili, a sleeve of saltines, maybe some crusty bread. A good beer. This is the season of good beer. If you're watching football, stick with the crappy beer. But if it's a Monday that's looming in your life, and if it's cooling off, if it may rain, if you're coming home from a late day at work, then you may want to avail yourself of any of the browner beers so very nice this time of year. Autumn ales. Pale ales. Harvest ales. Any of the ales, really. Back porch if it's not raining. Front porch if it is. Long sleeves. Dog. An ale.

What a fine Sunday: lawn mowed, pages written, breakfast eaten, and lunch, too. Dog walked. Pansies pansied. Sun all day long until it didn't much matter, and then clouds.

AMR's trying to get me to pay more attention to the weather, and less attention to the puppet show. She's always right, is the thing.

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