Monday, March 22, 2010

March Showers.

Here is how bad it's gotten at the forecast: I missed the equinox. It was either yesterday or the day before, and here's how bad it really is: I'm not going to look it up to see which it was. All we can know is that it's come and gone and that we sit, though cooler today than yesterday, and with cooler temperatures still coming tonight and tomorrow night, firmly on the front edge of spring. Tulips coming up everywhere. Daffodils in bloom. Dandelions, even. A new cherry tree in the ground, the product of a Saturday excursion to the shrub nursery. Firewood restacked and tarped over. A set of house finches in the brand-new prison-farm right-hand fern; a pair of something brown (chickadees? I need the bird book) in the left-hand fern. Mockingbirds nesting across the street, jays somewhere over our house. Everybody building and laying in.

A couple of sets of showers came through overnight. Windows open upstairs for the first time this year. When the wind and rain woke me up at fiveish this morning, I was a happy boy. Meanwhile, back in the present moment, something having to do with a full-sized crane is afoot over at the church, and it's breezy and sunny and coolish, which means it's time to quit all this and leash up the dog and head out to see what there is to be seen. If it's big and it beeps, I have to go see it.

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