Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Goes.

Things to know: it's markedly cooler. There's wind. The dog has been out, has gone to bed. We tried to rain. We did. And it'll rain again someday: this is not yet the siren song of drought, is no concern other than the half-bloom on the dying dogwood out front that was dying all last year even as it rained and rained. And we picked up an inch easy (an easy inch?) on Thursday night, which is for true and certain a bankable fact, even though ANYLF has been raingaugeless since January. It just rained that hard. That's how it was and is.

Things to know: ANYLF is on book tour. This means not enough forecast and vastly too much googling. What to know: the mint is in, which makes for a nice nightcap and less of the bad interneting and more of the good. The breeze kicks through the trees out there, damn near fully leafed out thanks to that week and change of eighties and nineties. It banged the tulips up out of the ground and into bloom, at least. Pollened the porches.

Music for spring: Mumford and Sons. Dear god buy the album. Buy it now.

Things to know: how to stay sane: watch the weather. Remember that's how it goes, how it works.

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