Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Storm.

Pretty little midday Memorial Day storm. It chased TLK and yours truly off his ladders and under his tin roof, which was on balance not a bad way to spend the lunch hour. No real progress on his pretty little pergola, but the skies are even now clearing off here in the Gate City, so perhaps there's a bit of late-afternoon post-setting still left in my day. We shall see. For now, from here, AMR and I watch watch the robins on our front porch feed their two babies, rain or shine. Plenty of that off on my horizon.

Forecast looks, as near as I can tell, about like this for the rest of the week. Here's hoping there's enough clear sky for the end-of-week barnraising that's scheduled back here at 709. Gotta get the slab... look like the rest of the shed.

So. That's this week. Today: watch the sky, watch the robins, watch the ballgame, start in on a materials list. I did get the lawn mowed before all the rain. That wee success helps. What it helps, I don't really know, but it's seeming to help all the same.

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