Saturday, June 19, 2010

Late Update.

Little bit of weather trying to come in. Looks like a nasty, thin line. Local interests, maybe have a look at your local interests. Tie up your tomatoes, pull the lawn chairs back up against the house, that kind of thing. It probably won't hold together through the Piedmont, but if you have a stack of lumber that could use a tarp put on it, you might just as well go on ahead and and do that.

Because EJO leaves precious little time, I'll just take aim the way my grandfather would: Hot today. Upper eighties, lower nineties. It's still, as our neighbor said on the dogwalk. It's so still. Tonight's dinner: local chicken, local squash, local okra. Non-local wine. All the lumber cut for the trusses. The boy's still alive. We have enough milk and coffee for tomorrow. Save for that little threatening line of storms, nothing on the radar. Bed down safely out there, friends and fans of weather.

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