Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back, Baby.

We're back, baby.

That's 4.1 inches since yesterday at about 11 a.m., on top of an easy inch and a half previous to that, and though for most of this year we've been so slack and babified and novelwhelmed and generally scattershotted if not scatterbrained here at ANYLF Global WeatherWatch HQ, what we can report with confidence is that the newly installed rain gauge out in the front flowerpots says we've seen almost six inches of rain this week. The fancies are holding some showers in the forecast for this morning, and it's still raining out east, and I wouldn't be stunned to see a sprinkle or two, but Nicole is over and out for the most part, so if you've got bailing or mopping to do, why then, go ahead. The worst is over. We at 709 are high and dry, and the ongoing project that is the writing shed, that is 709 1/2, is also dry, or mostly dry: a building will, it turns out, leak through a window left open. It will not, though, leak through its carefully caulked and flashed seams and corners, so all's well that holds here on the Piedmont this post-tropical morning. That was some rain. That was some wind. That was a good night to sleep with the window right behind my head—no water there, though—cracked enough to hear it all.

The rest of the subfloor, providing I can get the warlock electrician (treat him nicely; otherwise he may turn the Toad into a newt) to get the city out here to say A and also OK, goes in tomorrow, when I'll be Skil-sawing instead of department meeting, if we can use those as verbs and if I can get away with such a thing. On the agenda at the puppet show: one more meeting about the same thing as all the other meetings. On the agenda here: possibly finishing the sub, possibly moving the desk back under the window, possibly getting ready one more time to possibly start up again finally finally finally possibly. You tell me, friends and fans of hating meetings more than hating trying to get the new book's sea legs back under it, which one you'd choose.

Here are some numbers to finish off this rain-cleaned Thursday: the forecast highs for the next six days. The Weather Channel says 76, 76, 71, 65, 60, 56. The NWS says 76, 73, 71, 67, 64, 65. Another number: both institutions, asked to pick a low over that span, choose 47 at least once. October. Autumn. Weather. Projects. The good clothes. We're back.

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