Monday, February 28, 2011

Frontal Boundary.

This is spring: the loud sound of the train through last night's open kitchen windows, so loud I thought it would wake the Toad. It did not wake the Toad. See also: gentle rain to shut the day down yesterday; the front porch and a cold beer; the dog long and panting and stretched just out of the Toad's reach, or mine. See also: daffodils blooming in the back yard. And crocus. See the new bird feeders strung from the maple. See the double doors opened wide all morning back there in RevisionLand. See also, ah, this:

Friends and fans of weather, boys and girls of all ages, the fancies have not yet dropped a watch box on us, but they are about to. What they are already advising about are the 45 mph winds we should be looking for before these storms even get here. When they do arrive, we may see 60 mph winds. Then what—an easy inch of rain, maybe two or three? This is tie-down-your-tarps weather, people. This is a cold front. The next time you're wondering what a cold front might be, see also this. See the temps in the mid-seventies right now, and see that woodstove cranking hard tomorrow morning.

So much wind already that I'm glad we're not leafed out yet (though the willows, always the first, have started). If this had come through a month from now, we'd already have trees down. And it hasn't even come through yet. Shut the windows. Nap the babies. Get ready.

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