Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interrupt Us.

Friends and fans of weather, a Thursday drive to Conway, SC, is made mainly of the pale greens and pale reds of new leaves, plus dogwoods blooming in the understory. Occasional scent of cows, of mown grass. Bright high sky. Add to that a fine meal with fine persons and a reading if not full of then at least peopled with 20-year-olds choosing to hear the reading rather than engage in coitus in the tall spring grass with other 20-year-olds, and you have a not-terrible day. Not at all. I have been to a bar and seen the Daredevils of Comedy. At that same bar I have seen Acoustic John. I hope those 20-year-olds have since had enough sense to start doing at least something in the tall grass. One of the bases, at least. I mean, holy hell it was nice out there today. If I had been 20, and if I had known other persons who were 20, I would not have gone to see some dude read from some thing. I would have been doing everything I could have thought of to end up in the tall grass. Or any grass, really.

As for Acoustic John, one wonders who will bed him down in the tall grass. As for the Daredevils of Comedy: though horrible, they seemed to have a reasonable chance of bedding one another down post-show.

This is spring, people. We don't deserve such a thing. East of the Appalachians and south of the Washington Monument we do not really have winter like the rest of the country does, and yet we still get this. Down here in SC the azaleas are in full-out bloom. We're a little behind that back in the 2740X area of concern, but we'll get there. It is spring in Conway. It's a hell of a thing to see up close.

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