Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seek Shelter.

It all looked so fierce coming in, and we went night-dark here in the eleven a.m. hour, and then: well, not quite nothing, but not quite anything else, either. Rumbles of thunder. Lightning. No hail. No real wind. The NWS wanted boaters taking shelter immediately. Had we been in a boat here at 709, we'd have been largely fine, immediate shelter or no.

Sunny now. Classic spring pattern, even if we are warming toward those summertime eighty degrees the fancies forecast us. Cool again through the end of the week. Outside chance at another fire over the weekend. Prettiest April I can off the top of my head recall. Or maybe just the most deserved. I'll say it again: March had me unhappy. But April? April brings crazy hope. Or brought. Enjoy these few days we've got left.

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