Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sale Pansies.

Five (more) flats. Plus another bag of bulbs, 40 tulips this time. I'm a sucker. And a specific kind of fool. When Tita and I were first working out our finances, she wanted to split everything. Not the landscaping budget, I said. You do not understand the landscaping budget. The landscaping budget, is, of course, also the mental health budget. This she understood. She just did not quite understand how much was required for head cases around here.

One year I spent $300 on dirt that only costs $20 per ton.

Dog in the truck, light getting low and long, brand new hooded sweatshirt. This might be my first and only hooded sweatshirt. I fear I look like a dumbass in it. Still. Thanksgiving's coming. The solstice is coming. The leaves keep piling higher along the curbs.

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