Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To Do.

We did get rain, but only for show. Still: The forecast is calling for specific amounts for tonight and tomorrow, plus a good long day of temps falling off down through the fifties and forties all afternoon, so I can't quite complain.

An invasion today of box elder bugs, in the hundreds, on the south-facing wall of the house, which my vast amount of research suggests is normal. Also several hundred tulip and daffodil bulbs installed in strategic front yard locations. Plus six flats of pansies.

I'm tired, and there's something like sadness creeping in around the edges. Dirt under the fingernails helps to some degree. Red Garland's albums, newly discovered. Ice in a glass tonight and a mug in my hand tomorrow morning. The dog on the porch giving the mailman the thorough business. More pansies still to plant, more bulbs to trench in.

This morning, Phil's trees next door had turned so red that they changed the color of light coming in this side of the house.

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