Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Rain.

Home four days, and four days of rain. Possible to take this as a sign? A check-plus from the universe? I was all the time getting Ns -- Needs Improvement -- in things like Plays Well With Others. Takes Direction. Respects Authority. Gets Out Of Bed On Time. Maybe just once I'm getting an S -- Satisfactory -- from the Powers That Be. Or maybe this is just a good shift in the weather, and not about me. But how could the rain not be about me?

Another easy tenth or so tonight around six -- and the tomatoes look like it, look like this is the weather they'd grown accustomed to in May and June. I thought for sure we'd descended into drought, that this summer would be like all other summers -- and then by god it rained again. I don't know what to think. I do not. I do not.

The gentleman who fixed our A/C yesterday was a straight-up giant. I owe the book back tomorrow for the final time until the next time. The cicadas and crickets go and go. There was a little bit of sunset. August is hanging out there like a metaphor. Or a simile? I will never learn the difference.

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