Monday, July 20, 2009

South Of.

Just south of St. Augustine, of State Highway 206, of Pomar's Beer & Ice, of the place where A1A splits into beach road and something else, of the last traffic light for several miles, of that lighthouse up on the point, and of The Lawn Ranger, the A1A-based grass-cutting concern contracted to cut the grass here at ANYLF Beachside Rental HQ, the now-greeby condos where we've been coming apparently 30 years. Maybe greeby isn't quite right. Gently used. Maintenance deferred. The ceiling fans have a little rust, the cabinets are wanting to give out. When we first arrived, the A/C had given out. That kind of place.

AMR reports small rain in 27401, and the forecast looks good for the week. Down here, storms all around us each afternoon so far. Coolish. Perfect. Little breeze out of the south. Lots of attention paid to SPF. Not much attention paid to much else.

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