Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cherry Tomatoes.

August: Guilford County brings us ninety degrees in the front-porch shade and the kind of hot and humid out in the sun that we've been waiting for all along: This is summer the way the framers intended. Strict constructionists, rejoice. How it's not raining right now escapes me, and the radar does show a little pop-up here and there—I'm not saying it will for sure and sure rain, but it certainly seems possible. If not today, summertimers, then surely tomorrow. Humidity. It's a wet heat. Good god. Do not go outside for any reason at all.

Except to photograph yesterday's yield of cherry tomatoes.

At the Harris Teeter, in celebration of their new Boar's Head Deli, about which much and grand excitement among the Teeterers, there was, inexplicably, a pirate, complete with peg leg, doing magic tricks and playing "Won't You Take Me To Funkytown" on a couple of pedestal speakers he had set up there near the magic tricks. Also a back-to-school prize wheel for the kids to spin. I know that's not the weather. I just thought it bore reporting. At least repeating.

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