Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tropical Update.

Ana. Bill. Claudette. I go out of town for 53 hours and leave AMR in charge of the weather, and this is what happens.

Not to worry, friends and fans of weather, and of HTML. We here at the internets have everything under control. ANYLF works Sundays during hurricane season. You know who else works Sundays? The Weather Channel. They're going slightly batshit over there, but in their defense, they've been a little bored. All them fancy graphics, and no chance to use 'em until mid-August. On the phone right now, Biff Boffson with Buncrowe County Whatever Services. Animal Control. Meals on Wheels. Pothole Patrol. What he's saying: it's raining. He figures it'll probably rain more. Shot of the angry sea while he talks. Then the radar. Then the angry sea again.

So long as nobody gets their eye poked out, I do love a good hurricane. And the attendant television excellence. In the angry sea right now is a young man bodyboarding. Claudette: not so fierce yet. Stay tuned. Keep it here. ANYLF is your number one Triad-based source for hurricane bloggery.

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