Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Live Coverage.

OK. Let's just get our ducks lined up, shall we? From The Weather Channel, vis-a-vis our next 36 hours here on the Piedmont:

And from the National Weather Service, by way of the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center, just for confirmation and for a little more exactness:

A quick satellite overview of Ida, soon to be extratropical, and having just made landfall in Alabama:

And the doppler, just to fill out the picture:

So I know that even though it looks like all the water's in Georgia and Tennessee, and not headed this way, the fancies are apparently wanting all the water to head this way. If, say, you were just on the cusp of a big old waterproofing project of an outbuilding, and you wanted one more time to check for places where water might get in, then it appears the next couple of days or so ought to be good ones for just such checking. 2-4 inches by Thursday, say most of the places that have their own professionals. I feel like that maybe can't quite be completely true—that this is one of those Snow Day Tomorrow! situations, wherein it'll do what they say it's going to do, but not quite to the excess that they're breathlessly live-from-anywhere-you've-ever-heard-of-on-the-Gulf-coast predicting.

Still. We should not complain. It's good for everybody to have something to do in November. It's good to have the lawn already raked with rain on the way. It's good to remember the ocean at a time like this.

Keep it here, friends and fans of local forecasts. We will update as warranted.

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