Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sump Pump.

When the new one comes—some time later on this morning, on the heels of another 3.5" or so of rain last night—I'll not feel the need to stand in the filling basement at 5 a.m., knocking on the sump pipe with a 2x2, making the pump kick back on again and pull, at a pace just exceeding the water leaking in through the wall, the water back out through the wall. When the new pump comes, the switch that is supposed to do that all by itself will, ideally, do it all by itself. Water in the basement. Water in the outbuilding. Water everywhere. Seven inches in the last 48 hours. More coming, I think. Oh: and from the other direction entirely. From the north, now. This is a storm, friends and fans of storms. This right here is sure and sure a storm.

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Kathryn Frances Walker said...

you're the only one i know to ask. it's hard to find archives of forecast maps on account of they either did/didn't happen. so i come here, to you, at 5:43 in the a.m. the wind that's blowing out there now from the north/ne/nw -- is that still Ida? has all of this been Ida or did something sneak in there and get mixed up in it? this doesn't feel like it's come from Alabama anymore. any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated. also: i like "This right here is sure and sure a storm." good gosh, it sure has been that. (also: when you get famous for novelizing and forecasting, i hope you'll still attend to answering weather questions cause i'll still come asking.)