Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Wind.

One measure: plastic bouquets from the cemetery out there on the Alamance county line blown all across 70 and up into the new development full of mansions that won't sell next to the lake they built in the low spot left over from having clear-cut all that pine.

Got to have been tropical-storm-force at some points today. We're dying down now, calming. Cold and clear. Sandra Bullock's on my TV explaining to Charlie Rose about how serious that role was she had playing that woman who saved all them poor kids via football. I'd sooner kick myself in the head than see that movie. Nothing against Sandra Bullock, per se. I can just imagine a handful or two of people who might could sit across that table and tell some other story. And I can imagine a few other football movies I might want to see first. If I was wanting to see football movies at all. Which right now I am maybe not. She just said, 'If something comes out of left field, no pun intended.' No pun there at all. There is no left field in football.

Pitchers and catchers report shortly. Then it might be OK to be alive and in America once more. Until then, somebody bring forth a wind and scour this place clean.

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