Monday, February 22, 2010

Compound Adjectives.

This may be a little too Humphrey-Bogart-in-The-Maltese-Falcon, or it may just be a tired, used-up image, rode hard and put away wet, but I do love to walk across a college campus after dark in the fog. I love the lights along the sidewalks, the occasional classroom burning away, the quiet hurrying. What a fine fog we have going out there, both back home here in 27401 and yes, friends and fans of higher learning, out at the puppet show, as well. And I know there's no college campus scene in The Maltese Falcon. I just love fog, and then I get carried away, make dumbass comparisons. Like this one.

Good hard rain this morning. A daffodil rain. A snow-removal rain. A now-is-the-time-to-finish-up-the-rotten-gable-end-trim-situation kind of rain. The staff here at ANYLF was caught by surprise, was expecting rain, yes, but later in the day. Time, perhaps, to retune the instruments.

Curling. Olympic, even. It'd be better outside, in the weather, but the only thing I love more than fog right now is the curling.

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