Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Dreams.

Dream from two nights ago: a five-story grocery store, with escalators, and Phil Collins on endless loop. On one floor: all dairy.

Dream from last night: a four-story used bookstore and no music, but a seriously intricate interstate system directly next to the bookstore which I had to use to (a) change levels and (b) take the Toad to visit my parents and my cousin, who each lived in different hotels in the bookstore, but at different exits off the interstate.

All my dreams used to be celebrity mashups (see: Sean Connery and Stevie Wonder in a pistol duel in a cul-de-sac; Alan Alda picking nits from my fur). Then, for a period of many years, they were epic adventure chases taking place in massive eat-play-live complexes. Perhaps now I'm moving on to split-level single-purpose retail.

In weather (because why else continue?): Big, big tornadoes back west, so keep an eye on what looks increasingly windy and iffy and roiled out there in 2740X -- we're more than warm enough to spin something into a branches-down thunderstorm, if not worse. The fancies seem to say our big threat will be overnight, but I think maybe don't go anywhere, whether to bed or just to the grocery, however many levels it may have, without having a quick look at the radar. Or the sky. If it's February, friends and fans of the reconfigured USDA hardiness zones, it must mean springtime tornadoes. So what if it's only February on a technicality. It's still February.

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