Thursday, February 23, 2012

Local Forecast.

And it did storm—can I off the top of my head remember a February thunderstorm?—through midnight, big wind, big rain, not for long, but still. Enough to make you pine for the weather even as it was ongoing, if you were the sort to do such a thing, which etcetera, and so, internet, hello, the weather returns. That which you least need—yesterday's forecast for the 2740X—returns. What else do you require for now? I still need my sea legs back, so I'll report only this for this evening: It was warm enough tonight to think that burgers on the grill might be a good idea, and it was. Or they were. The Toad's window upstairs is open an inch or two. He's dead asleep. It's February. We ate as a family. We're a damn sitcom. Tonight, on a very special episode of ANYLF, burgers. Fake spring. Cooler over the weekend. Keep it tuned here. Good night and good luck, Mrs. Whoever-you-are, wherever you are. Wind, they say. So watch for that.

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