Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day.

I don't feel compelled to make resolution after resolution because, frankly, I know what's needed: more dogwalks, better work ethic, fewer calories, listen a little more closely. No more reason to do those things starting tomorrow than any other day. These are ongoing matters, aren't they? Not resolutions.

2007's last best effort comes to us live and cloudless, mid-fifties, a hint of a breeze, maybe, yellow and fierce and bright. Sky a pale blue, a kind of imitation of blue. Long shadows everywhere, even at midday. Dog (who recently turned eleven, about which there can be no conversation) in the truck with the windows down, face and chest out the window, nose into the breeze, ears pinned back for aerodynamics.

Winter arrives later this week with a couple of hard freezes, but the ten-day shows the other brand of North Carolina January out there, days like this, fifties and even sixties, sunny. The ten-day shows some rain, too, which makes me a little hopeful, even in the face of all the long-rangers that show us mired in drought until March or so. No predictions here. No forecasts, ten-day or otherwise. That's not what we do here at ANYLF. What exactly it is that we do isn't clear, either, except to say that there's a rain gauge here now, and there's an idea being kicked around in staff meetings about keeping a running rainfall total for 2008. ANYLF, then, resolves to report on the weather either as it happens or after the fact. We're your source for most of what you already know. Now all we need is some kind of slogan, some synth intro music, a blue screen. A podcast. Graphics. Hell, what we need is a blog.

Happy New Year out there, friends and fans of weather. May it rain on us early and often. We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

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