Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pink Pig.

There was a kind of low rumble in the neighborhood this morning, and I sat inside with my coffee, not really worrying about much of anything except my coffee, but that rumble stayed there, stayed there, then got louder, and I figured, hell, just take a look out the window, and it was — the leaf truck! The leaf truck!

Here's the problem: I love an emergency, and I love large yellow machinery, so the leaf truck turning up a week or so early (for its second and final visit of the season) certainly takes us to at least DEFCON 2 or so ("further increase in force readiness, but less than maximum readiness") here at ANYLF world headquarters. Cut, then, to a kind of rake-sprint across my front yard, La Vieja's front yard, and hell, for good measure, a little bit across Phil's front yard, because he's kind enough to mow my side yard when it gets too long for him, and I figured I owed him the favor.

Cold and crisp and blisteringly cloudless and the kind of day one might require for, say, aerial photography, and I'm rakesprinting and suddenly: I am thirteen years old and at some Atlanta Area Boy Scout something — jamboree? exposition? — that was held every year, when we were kids, in and outside of the World Congress Center, in December, I believe, and it was always bitterly cold, like a-hundred-and-thirty-five-degrees-
below-zero cold, and there were two kinds of Scouting exhibitions at this jambosition: the bullshit kind, indoors, and the badass kind, with lashings and whatnot, outdoors. Inside Scouts: worthless. Frigid outdoor Scouts, lashing together ziplines and three-rope bridges and cooking biscuits in cast-iron crock pots? Let's just say that maybe my whole weather-as-competition thing (I used to love to camp in the 33-degree rain, because I thought that was a pretty good way of determining who should live and who should not go camping) started somewhere in this vicinity.

Also: Same time of year: The Pink Pig, a very, very strange holiday tradition on top of the Rich's building in midtown in Atlanta. The Pink Pig is a Pig-shaped roller coaster that somehow equals Christmas. Also very, very cold.

That's what it smelled like out there this morning. Three-rope bridges and The Pink Pig. That kind of winter.

The leaf truck has still not gotten to this side of the street. The dog, overseeing things from the porch, kept looking at me like she knew there was no real emergency.


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

I just happened to click on your name when you commented because occasionally I like to read profiles. Plate of lima beans? Or butterbeans in some circles? Awesome. And then, this! Holy crap. Okay, I don't want to scare you off from writing here (you may not get like that with an audience, but I do) but I just have to show a smidgen of how much I love ANYLF. First, the title with the masthead/badass picture of M. And the other one of her doing something weird with her spine. All the crazy cool-as-shit weather things (when I was little, I used to call up NOAA -- then it was NWS -- all the time, and they had a station out at the airport -- one year my mom took me out there so I could meet the guy who manned the station, and we walked in and he had hot cocoa and was playing the Elvis Presley Christmas album). That under "Some Very Local Conditions" it says "Wicker St & Holden Rd". And "Thunder Road"? It's anthems like it that I would lobby to take the place of the daggum Star-Spangled Banner. ("Well I got this guitar and I learned how to make it talk...") And further and? Your words, mankind. The myrrh! But also just the paying attention kind of writing. There's something about reading what somebody says immediately as opposed to waiting for books (which is it's own kind of love but different). It's like hovering around the radio, and daggum I love the radio.

Drew Perry said...

thank you, kfw. i wasn't keeping it a secret or anything -- just wasn't really telling anyone. started as a kind of experiment to see if i could warm up in the mornings before going out back. then i got a little crazy and stole photoshop from school and did things like the banner for one hundred hours in a row.

again: i'm just so damn glad hb is back up and running. holy my god can you write a sentence.

fresh limas from the market. august. blue bowl. my dad had one of those noaa cubes. thank you again.