Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mist, Drizzle.

We've called all the interns in to work a Saturday here at ANYLF, because something is coming out of the sky. I've been sitting here listening to the NOAA radio out of Roanoke just so I can hear the guy work his way back around to saying, This is a Winter Weather Message for the following counties in Virginia. Then he says some counties. Then I want for Guilford to get plucked up off the map and dropped down in the Winter Message area, but I'm going to try not to get too greedy. Let them have their ice. Here, in 27408, something is coming out of the sky.

I'm not going to look this up to verify its accuracy, because I like it too much — I think the way winter weather info goes is: Message, Advisory, Watch, and Warning. I think that is also the way much of my personal life goes.

Last night, at Target, buying AMR some ornaments so she'll have something on the tree that's hers, there was, in a box up over the ornament aisle, something called a Fiber Optic Angel. Friends and fans of weather, that is, of course, the name of my new band.

Items of note from the dogwalk: (a) The words PEACE, LOVE, and JOY in eighteen-inch-tall letters crafted from wadded up tinfoil, propped up at maybe a twenty-degree angle in someone's front yard. Little spotlights. I'd say the wadding is about at the sixth-grade level. Sixth-grade-level wadding. First letter capitalized, the rest lower-case. (b) The green wise man, of previous ANYLF fame, removed from the scene and kneeling instead by the side of the house. So: There's Mary and Joseph, waiting patiently, there are the two wise men, kneeling, reverent, keeping it real, and then there's the third wise man, over around the side of the house, not even looking at what's going on, hanging out with rusting real estate signs and some rakes.

Channel 2 had Eric Chilton out there last night on the Weather Deck, wearing a brown rag sweater and looking intently into the camera and explaining to us with a very fancy forecast map just exactly where the 32-degree line would be in the rain that actually seems to be getting here. I love the Weather Deck. I may have to seriously consider renaming the front porch. Most of all, though, I love when they're so sure about the weather that they're not talking about if or maybe but instead where it will be snow and where it will be rain.

One of the wise men has been exiled. Tour dates for Fiber Optic Angel will be released later this week. Something is coming out of the sky. This is a Winter Weather Message for Guilford County.

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