Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Drought.

Spring is coming. Not right away, but it's coming. And this: If we get the rain they say we might get this week, there's the possibility that we will either meet or exceed our historical average for February. I do not remember the last time we met or exceeded an average for the month. I've not mowed my lawn since June. It's supposed to rain tonight. Maybe a half an inch. Maybe a little thunder to go with it.

I don't know how many daffodils I planted last fall. An act of blind, stupid faith. I dug long trenches and just tossed them in. The ground was so dry then that I didn't even really get dirty.

It's a gray, damp, muffled day. It rained last week. It's going to rain this week. Who knows. Who knows. Who knows.

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