Friday, February 22, 2008

Und Drang.

But no Sturm to speak of. It slid mainly south and east. I won't even bother to run through the litany of complaint— turns out, for instance, that I have to go to work, and that I have to be there on time— instead, I'll just keep checking back endlessly in to the radar in the hope that something, regardless of whether it's pretty or frozen, does manage to get here and fall out of the sky. There's still a lot of rain back west, in Georgia and Tennessee, but who's to say that won't slide by and around, too? I got all damn breathless a week ago talking about how we might just make our historical average for February. Jinxed us. I blame myself.

I apologize to all you highschoolers out there who had an annotated map of Australia's agricultural corridors due today. Or a paper on Ethan Frome. Or who have a test on the periodic table. Or the subjunctive. There's ice on the truck windshield, but that feels more like a stick in the eye than a hopeful sign.

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AMR said...

When verbs show something contrary to fact, they are in the subjunctive mood.

When you express a wish or something that is not actually true, use the past tense or past perfect tense; when using the verb 'to be' in the subjunctive, always use were rather than was.

(The above from the OWL at Purdue)

If it were to ice, you wouldn't have to go to school.