Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Day.

I wanted a snow day. Felt like I needed one. But the fantastic stone-rattle sound of the sleet and rain on and in the big magnolia on my way back from my morning class yesterday was enough to bring me back around, and I felt badly about sniping about the weather. We didn't get anything like what we were promised, and only got about a tenth of an inch of precip out of the whole thing— instead, though, we settled into a deeply quiet, cold fog, and even if we did need more than anything something more to be coming out of the sky, at least we were so pervasively damp all day that what little we did get was sure to sink well into the flowerbeds. One of those days where you can't be at all sure that the world continues on out past the few hundred yards the fog lets you see.

We get a couple of halfassed shots at some sprinkles today and tomorrow, and a better shot at some rain on Tuesday. The drought, I'm afraid, rolls on.

Today's warmer, headed for the sixties, and our strange winter-spring tilt-a-whirl keeps going. The daffodils are blooming with some vigor now, and not just here at ANYLF: all up and down the neighborhood are these little bursts of yellow against all the brown. A couple of bushes around the corner have pinked out, and the roses, way too early, are starting new growth all up and down the canes. We'll get another freeze next week, and I presume another the week after that. We're thirty days away from any kind of place where we could or even should hope against such a thing.

I'm willing to be ready for spring. Coffee on the front porch, odd Wednesday nights with friends around the grill and some ridiculous beanbag toss game from the kids' section at the local big box. But I'm still wanting for one more snow day— early out of bed and the heavy quiet that settles down out of the trees, unfamiliar white-gray light seeping in around the blinds, and an unplanned, empty day stretching out in front of me, a day to hide, to let the phone ring, to make a second pot of coffee, to put it all off until tomorrow, which will be OK, will be without penalty of any kind, since everyone else will be doing some version of that, too.

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