Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic.

Not that you'd know it if you just walked, gloveless, to and from lunch, squinting into a nearly cloudless sky and not even really needing your hat except when the wind blew, but we're meant to get more snow tonight and overnight. They're giving us the old one-to-three inches, but everybody who's anybody is saying things like "occasionally heavy bursts" and "locally heavier amounts" and Emily Byrd over there at the Fox 8 actually said "thundersnow" on the television, which of course caused a wee dance of glee here at the 27244 ANYLF field office.

Oh, dear sweet baby Jesus in a water bucket, come on, thundersnow.

Stop by the grocery on your way home just for fun. Loaf of bread, container of milk. Stand in line. I do love me some Carolina snowstorm grocery store lines.

Keep it tuned here, friends and fans of winter weather, for the very latest.

1 comment:

Luke said...

"Oh, dear sweet baby Jesus in a water bucket, come on, thundersnow."

This makes me very happy.