Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Local Conditions.

It's warmer today here on the Piedmont, friends and fans of approaching spring, though I hasten to add that after this little spell we're in for rain and then another week of good cold before we bounce back: this is how it works here. This is how it always works here. Hell, we're not even within spitting distance of the late-March freeze yet. Still: In the sun this morning, standing in the driveway without my hat, I felt good. I watered things. The climbing rose on the side of our house is sending out exploratory red leaves. The transplant azaleas are hanging on. The pansies are making a comeback from the systemic neglect I was trying out in January. So, maybe, am I, though the bookshelves are still unshelved and the books are still and still in their boxes.

Let's work our way back into this slowly, shall we? At 5:04 pm in 27244 it's mostly cloudy, weather riding in from the west and south, and it's 52 degrees. The current conditions in 27401 can't possibly be too different than that, but once I make it back home, if they are—if we're getting frogs, say, or locusts, or are in need of the blood of the lamb—I'll make a note of it. Otherwise, tune in tomorrow, when it may be sunny and 65, depending on when the clouds set up and set in.


Luke said...

I've always been a fan of spitting on late-March. Also--what happened to the kindle tirade?

Drew Perry said...

i decided the kindle was not the weather, even if it is apocalyptic.