Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flame Thrower.

Warm enough to walk the dog at four this afternoon minus a jacket. Sunny. Fancies say rain or snow by tomorrow mid-morning. Winter gasping not maybe just yet last, but gasping.

This morning, at the Sherwin-Williams corporate store—the trim at 709 is Sherwin-Williams, and TMR yesterday accidentally found a Sherwin-Williams corporate store whilst trying to find a dining-room-table-store; we're building built-in bookshelves to match the existing trim; we're also in search of, ah, a dining room table—the dude who made my trim paint was watching The Military Channel at top volume, and on The Military Channel was a gentleman explaining, in great and explicit detail, how one might make, if one so desired, one's own napalm delivery system.

Bookshelves painted. They match. I ain't delivered napalm in any direction whatsoever all day, though, which here at ANYLF we'll score as a (second) success.

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