Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Freezing Drizzle.

Cold out there, people, and socked in. Even this morning there was still some freezing drizzle. Major roads looked good, minor roads looked a little less good. As our day care wagons are hitched to the county's whims and busses, my money says we'll have the Toad home another day tomorrow. And we better use that money while it's still there: December's gas bill sorted itself back to the top of the pile today, and it appears this past December was a bit chillier than 2009's version. No money, no sunshine, no juice in the fridge. I been downhearted, baby, ever since the day you left.

Here's the Fed's take for the rest of the week, which is nearly balmy by comparison: highs of 35, 32, and 35. With sun. Don't look for too much melting in the shady spots, I guess is what I'm saying.

The squirrels are now stealing insulation from the building and carrying it to their nests up in the trees... which is I suppose preferable to bedding down in the building. Got the doctor's go-ahead this morning to work on the soffits so long as I don't do it with anything heavy. Then he told me to be careful on the snow and ice. But doctor! It hurts when I go like this! Don't do that, he said. But doctor! How will I ever make it to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, location. Out, squirrels. Steal the insulation while you can. Make those tree nests cozy. If my gas bill is going to have commas in it, then you're on your own.

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