Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Storm?

At least, boys and girls and friends and fans of snow days, it's snowing now. It was not this morning at whatever-zero o'clock when the local county suits called the day's proceedings off, and it was not at any point before now, which we'll call threeish in the afternoon, but it is in fact now snowing, and it's cold out there, so cold that damn near anything that falls seems like it'll stick straight away, so here we go. Those folks what get paid for this kind of thing want 2-4 inches of snow covered over by something between a tenth and a quarter-inch of ice. They also want the temps to hold right about where they are for the next 48 hours. It won't be apocalyptic, then, but it'll be worth keeping an eye on. We'll see if tonight's annual rib roast grunt-and-belch NCAA pigskin championship party actually happens, or if I have to eat all this beef myself.

Though it's worth noting that the fancies have been saying and saying that this thing was going to start up, and it's been holding and holding. Could be a lot of cymbal-crashing and kazooing and spraying the roads down with brine and cancellation and then end up being a good deal more drang for not so much sturm. I'm not even sure which way I want it to go. When I was a kid, I always knew. Always snow, always more. I miss that kind of fierce glowing zealous fundamental certainty.

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