Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gulf Low.

What we are seeing this morning, friends and fans of weather—and mustn't we all be?—is what I'm going to (probably) wrongly call outflow from a big southern low tracking give or take from coastal Mississippi to coastal whatever else comes next. That's Alabama and Florida, I think, if you'll check your dance cards. The fun and games part of this is that the fancies wanted this thing to hold just a bit further south than it seems to be doing, and the net effect of the northern jog is that we may see a snow shower this evening, and perhaps a dusting on your higher elevations, on your grassy areas. Will we get the live-from-the-salt-pile local news standups? Depends on how much other news we get.

What it means—and that's what we can offer you here at the forecast, dear readers: we make up for in synthesis and analysis what we lack in touch-screen green screens and dopplers on towers out in the yard—is that maybe if you've got the saw out, go on ahead and cut a few extra sticks. There's a little snow forecast for Friday, too. Light a big fire. Let the little wall heater take the edge off while the stove works its way to heat, which is one way to measure: some mornings the stove's enough on its own, and some mornings you need the heater, too, for that first hour. We'll see the sun break through from time to time, as it's trying to do even right now, but mainly this looks like it'll be a socked-in day, a day to start planning dinner at lunchtime.

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