Thursday, May 7, 2009

Clearing Skies.

They're saying there's a chance for a stray thunderstorm, and I'll go on and say it, too: Here's the sun for the first time in days, and all that lingering sogged-in rainfall has it feeling almost sticky out here, nearly humid but not quite, a kind of chance-for-a-stray-afternoon-thunderstorm kind of thing. I wouldn't rule it out. That's what all them suited-up fancies always say on the lunchtime news. I wouldn't rule it out. But I'd say there's about an equal chance that you'll hear lawnmowers by the end of the day.

Lesser spring wonders: Clover blooms. Goldfinch arrival. Those tiny translucent moth-gnats that swarm themselves into circles in the evenings. The three-wheeled motorcycle I saw on the way in to the U. yesterday.

Lesser spring miracle: I found my sunglasses. Possible locations: anywhere. Actual location: Beneath several dirtyish articles of clothing in the truck seat.

Lesser spring weather: This is not yesterday's fog and storms, but it's good. Go outside, people, while the going's good.

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