Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Pattern.

If you don't like the weather, just wait... a week, apparently. Whatever that thing was in Florida last week seems to have torn itself asunder and stalled and coughed and hacked itself into whatever this is that's now give or take covering most of the square footage from Missouri to here, and the cold front that was coming our way has given up and hung itself across Kentucky, and so this is what we get, and what we're going to get for the next several days: Cloud cover high and low, humidity like a terrarium, the good chance of storms and showers basically all the time, and better than that in the afternoons. Summer, rainforest-style. You could cut your lawn three times this week and it'd still be a foot tall. That sort of deal. From quite far away, it looks like this:

From up close, though, it looks gray and green, daylilies right on the edge of exploding all up and down the street, impatiens happy, sky trying to rain. Seventy-five degrees in the shade of the front porch. Thick. Still. Muggy as all living hell.

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