Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oak Island.

Oh, 28465. AMR and I decamped for the half-week to the weather capital of the NC coast, apparently: if it wasn't 75-degree midday fog with 30 mph winds, then it was calm and crystal clear at 80 degrees, and if it wasn't either of those things, it was almost any possibility in between. Weather in hard off the south-facing beach and variable by the hour. The one thing we did not see was rain during the day, which left us with three days on the beach the forecast had said we did not deserve. Would I pack the car up again and head 28465ward again right now? Oh hell yes I would back up the car again and drive those four hours right now. Even if the daylilies out front are starting to bloom. Even if the dahlias out front are starting to bloom. Even if I'm supposed to be tethering myself to the desk and writing. Give me the beach chair and a book that's not the one I'm meant to be writing, please. Give me vacation for the rest of my days. Or at least the next few more.

In water-in-the-basement news, the rain gauge out front here at 709 said 2.2 inches. We're awaiting confirmation from TLK, who did report midweek on a tin-roof-caliber storm, and there were traces of water in the basement, and the tomatoes did grow a foot or so, but two inches? Really? Here's hoping that's no lie. Takes us over six for the month. Pushes the edges of that drought even further back from the edges of 27401.

Home again, home again. First time we've come back home to 709 where it felt like home, instead of somebody else's house. Still: I could sit on the beach right now. I could do that instead of trying to figure when to mow the lawn. Yes I surely damn well could.

For 27401: Front seems to have pulled through. Dryish out there this morning. Blue sky. Green everything. Little breeze. Sun in every corner. Maybe a little something tomorrow afternoon. For now, end of May the way you'd hope for it, if you were so inclined.

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