Monday, May 11, 2009

Systems Down.

There was no forecast over the weekend, friends and fans of timeliness, and for that we here on the ANYLF staff apologize. A quick recap, though, for those of you just tuning in: Friday: warmish. Saturday: hot, but then a lovely little afternoon/evening storm, and kind of a classic—noise and a little rain here, as it built, and then what looked radar-wise like semi-scorched earth out east as that thing put itself together. Yesterday: fall. Like magic. All damn day on the porch grading Moby-Dick exams (Abab crazy; whale mean; Ishamel not much of a narrator; Starbuck and Stubb on boat, too) in a light breeze and liquid sun and mid-seventies. Today: November. 54 and raining. We probably won't be able to pull ourselves out of the sixties. Long sleeves and a ballcap, please. Jeans. Resoled rain boots. Coffee and coffee. This would be the famous TLK winter, I do believe, except that we usually have to have June for that, and also my TLK Winter Alert System was damaged in Saturday night's TLK Gallons-O-Sake Festival of Terrible Excess. We've got people working on that, though, and if we can get it back up and running by the end of the day, we may have an official TLK WinterWatch announcement. For now, bundle up, and remind yourself that Yes, Virginia, it is still May, and that we'll have tomato-growing weather by end-of-week. And in case you're wondering—in case you're standing in your window, frowning, trying to decide whether or not this thing we've got going on out there today is beautiful: it is.

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