Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fifteen Days.

We want to rain. We're trying to rain. It's raining out west. It's cloudy here. Will it rain? Probably not. If it does, will we deserve it? Depends on what you mean by please, please, please, please, please.

ANYLF backyard evening activity: removal of probably 1500 pounds of dirt. Shocking bonus: downhill neighbor said I could remove over the fence and into her yard. She wants the soil. What this means to you, Weatherheads: damn near nothing, except we here at 27401 WorldWeatherHQ have checked at least one box on the way to OutbuildingReno 2009/10. Said box? Make ground slope away from building, where possible. Check. Coming soon to a blog near you: more talk of sheathing and PVCBoard and Tyvek and caulk than anyone could ever, ever want. But ratings season is coming up. Sweeps week. We have to compete. It's Tropical Update time, by god, and we've had precious few landfalling systems. We have to do something. Ratings are down. Innovation is nigh. Technology is in the classroom. Change is in the air. Freedom shall never die.

Nearly hot. Nearly raining. Nearly fall.

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