Monday, September 7, 2009

Holiday Monday.

We're trying—though not very hard—to pull some kind of tropical storm together off our coast. Clouds coming in all day from the wrong side. Cool breeze. Gentle September. Dry as a sheet of sandpaper, but gentle so far.

School rolls on. Around here we're starting to consider, in earnest, plans for a wholesale renovation of the outbuilding. We're polling the interns to see what they think. Top of the list: how to renovate the thing and keep it weatherproofed and mainly usable all at the same time. Second: how not to spend all the money there is.

I feel like maybe I might be starting to try to drag my ass out from underneath something heavy. There is no doubt that main portions of the outbuilding are rotten. How to reconcile those two items is what to do with the coming weeks.

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