Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too Nice.

I mean, come on. This is back-to-school? This I can do. This feels human, somehow, feels not like the universe is pressing down from every edge but rather like it is what it is, which is seventy-some degrees and breezy‚ truly breezy, fall breezy, a little sweet taste of autumn right here to start the year. Not quite as cool as the fancies said it would be, but to complain on a day like today is to send back the wrong plate of food, friends. Take what you got. Enjoy. Savor, even.

The joy that is a windows-down ride in weather like this in JLT's rattleshake pickup: enough even to make the out leg of the out-and-back feel like something I could have done all day long. And now, once my lawn-chaired office hours wind their way through the next fifteen minutes, the back leg, the one that carries us back dog and porchward, is what's left of what was an easy day, a day I can tell right now, before it's even through, was way, way more than I deserved. This is not quite guilt. Too brightly colored for that. But it's something.

Go outside, friends and fans of weather. Go the hell outside.

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