Friday, September 25, 2009

Wind Shifted.

Dog, ears half back and face pointed full into a damp easterly breeze: as much a barometer as we need around these parts, and enough to make certain the belated declaration that there does seem on this Friday evening to be some kind of weather riding in. This morning and this noon gave us a warm drizzle, a kind of springtime, bring-on-the-food-crops kind of feel, but this evening smells of something different. This evening smells like fall, like dog. Like sitting out on the porch, which is what we're doing here in the 68 degrees and gray, AMR sticking her head from time to time out the front door to bluster and bleed and generally make with the sadness about the change in temp, the shift in the wind. AMR is of the tank-top persuasion. The dog and I, we tend towards jeans and boots. And sniffing. And thinking that the days of fleece caps cannot be so far over the horizon that we can't see them. Nothing before its time—give me this season over the not-season—but all the dog and I are saying is, yes, please: this. And then that.

Every time I look up and over at the dog, she looks dead back at me, wondering why we're here, and not five blocks leashward. It's a fair question. I could say more about what all this is, which is some measure of peaceful, the breeze in the drying leaves just enough to cover over the hum, the cool in the air almost enough to cover over everything else—but simpler things are owed. Dog. Leash. It's the end of the week. Another one's coming, and this time with another weather.


KR said...

An exploration of the "real" Jekyll and Hyde on the telly, a cool breeze everywhere but the Tube, the Holly Bush, the Mitre, bangers, mash. NW8 is sunny, Bjork's house is getting work done, and the Tesco shall provide. Pop round for a pint if you get the hankerin'.

Drew Perry said...

yo, kr. london calling, eh?

hie thee to the hansom cab in earl's court. sunday roast very good there. also the holly bush in hamstead. and if it's not a sunday, the hansom cab still well worth the journey for a pint or three.

in the sixties here and falling fast. weird afternoon storm. englandish.

KR said...

we have enjoyed the holly bush at your recommendation, as well as the mitre. tragically, the holly bush no longer has sunday roasts, but we enjoyed a superb pie and a pudding as well as some fine pints. hansom cab will be next.

yes, englandish indeed--meanwhile folks here are suggesting the weather is weirdly summery. you know, high 60s, breezy, occasional showers. summery? egad.