Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flood Watch.

It seems like we here on the Piedmont might know the words to this song:

That's the current (6:30 pm EST) satellite, and here's ye olde QPF for the next 24 hours:

Maximum rain value, as per our NOAA forecast: 2.75". Flood Watch until midnight on the 3rd.

People, it rains now. That's just all there is to it. This might be the last storm we ever see, and the whole of the staff here at ANYLF may well within a matter of weeks return to what we've always known best, which is drought-based complaint and concern, but for right here and now, on the heels of the second month this year where our measured rainfall exceeded our expected rainfall by more than seven inches, I think even a body like me would have to say it rains. Hey, test of the new French drain. Hey, unfixed sump pump. Hey, newly strangely (undiagnosedly) leaky front porch.

KFW, if you're listening in out there tonight, I want you to know that I saw Van Denton (a) wearing, last night on the T and V, the reddest sportcoat I've ever seen, and that (b) while wearing said coat, he said the internal pressure of this storm would be lower than that Ida thing that spun through here two weeks back. You know what, though, Weatherheads? It's the holiday season. Let's give that information away for free not just to KFW but to each and every one of you clicking in. My gift to you. Mine and Van Denton's, anyway.

If you live elsewhere, go on about your business. If you live here, though, or nearby (use the above maps if you need assistance), then hunker down.


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

roger. i will hunker.

Drew Perry said...

i tried to comment over at hometown today re: how i have been reading and how good it's been of late which is no surprise since it's good all the time but then i couldn't remember my damn password for that site and then etc but anyway that is some fine sentencing over there just so you know.