Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow Storm?

What? My four days of sun are now a day and a half of sun followed by fucking snow? Sorry, kids, but sometimes, when mommies and daddies take the back walls off their outbuildings because it looks like they're going to have four days in which to redo the, ah, walls, and then the National fucking Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is all, Oh, by the by, instead of dry and cool and sun, there may in fact be an inch of rain if you're lucky, but what we in fact really think is that there will be snow, why then, mommies and daddies sometimes get a little torqued off at the, ah, forecast. Which is where I now find myself beached, in that torqued-off region, in that the back wall is all but off, and there's no hope of really getting it all the way back on, and the snow seems increasingly likely. What the hell? Is it even Christmas? Solstice? It is not. It is neither of those.

Let me be clear: if it snows, I'll pull my weathery self together, and I'll like it. But here's how my building was this morning: it had four walls. Here's how it is now: it has three and a half. Siding and sheathing off the back wall, new framing in, sheathing half back up. Maybe another wall or two tomorrow, if I'm lucky. But what then? Drape a big poncho over the whole enterprise?

If there was not OutbuildingSituation2009 in progress, then I'd say that what we'd be most likely to see is drizzle and clouds and mid-thirties. But something's telling me an inch and a half of wet snow. It's damn cold out there, and it will have been cold enough to matter for several days by the time Friday afternoon pulls itself up to the trough. All of the fancies are saying the storm track is in our favor, if favor means snow indoors. Fuck and fuck, boys and girls. It's my favorite damn thing in the world, and it's three days too early. We shall see. Nobody knows. But if you let the dog out late this evening—and I did—then you know that even though it's clear as glass out there, it smells like something. It smells like several things, actually, but what it might not smell like is remodeling.


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

dear mister: is there a way to get RSS feeds from the NWS of their local (to us) forecast?

also: i find it very satisfying that weatherunderground has that clickable forecast map that advances 4 hours at a time where you can watch the weather/precipitation come in from the gulf or the arctic or some unholy place.

also also: i said this before but you are my favorite weatherman. sincerely.

and finally: my word verification word for today is "undowyll" -- except i'm back because they changed it to "pultar"

Drew Perry said...

kfw, all i can ever find is severe weather:

if you find regular forecast, let me know.

again i say about hb, by the way: so, so good of late.