Monday, December 7, 2009

Old Songs.

And when we hear/the voices sing/the book of love will open up/and let us in. Not heard often in the Mr. Mister recording sessions, I bet: Should we pull that back a little?

I can't say we're recovered around these parts, but one of us felt well enough to spool the dog through the increasingly Xmas-light-lit neighborhood, which has to be an improvement. And we cooked a meal. And here it is nearly midnight, and ANYLF is up and awake to see it. Widespread killing frost these last two mornings, enough to take out anything left that didn't belong. December. On the mend. On the freeze. Here we go.

In Did You Order The Outbuilding Windows In Time News, I may not have, but going with stock sizes at the big box may be the better of lesser evils, anyway. We shall see. Almost no matter what: Newly buttoned building, new windows and doors, new stove, new insulation by the first of the year. If not, then all of that save the windows, which should make for an interesting building, an interesting January. You thought you liked the weather before, ATP?

More rain on the way, of course. This is what it used to be like here before, I hear. I've only been here ten years. Never seen it rain like this.

I love it. I love it better now that I can breathe. As soon as I can taste coffee, then Katie bar the door, whatever the hell that means.


KR said...

Is this you? And can I drink a pint in your honor if, as it seems, the hard work is over?,,9780670021543,00.html

Can't believe you quoted Mr. Mister. I leave for just a few months...

Drew Perry said...

kr, mr. mister is all that's left to quote over here. and as soon as i finish teaching myself html, there'll be more than what you found over there at the penguin folks to see... but, yeah, that's me, and i'd love it if you'd raise a pint -- or a dram -- not in my honor but just to raise one in general.