Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scouting Weather.

How it is not snowing right now—or why—escapes me. I know there's a fancy science reason. Or, more likely, it's a not-so-fancy reason: not cold enough. And I don't mind a morning like this—love it, even—but I would have been altogether ready and happy to wake up to snow and ice out there today.

Let's just us be happy, though, friends and fans of the change of seasons, with what we've got: camping weather. Thirty-five degrees and a steady rain. Mr. Smallwood, our old Scoutmaster, would wake us up on days like this by banging a wooden spoon against the bottom of one of the big kettles he used for boiling water and yelling, It's A Great Day For Scouting! And it was. It is. So wake up, buys and girls. Eat your Pop-Tarts. Let's get ready to break camp and move along.

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