Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Pictures.

The weather here in 47404 is bright and sunny and warm: Yesterday and today, my brother the father says, were their first real spring days. It may even be a little muggy. Rain tonight. I'll take a little thunderstorm to go with my earthquake, please. If that thing could be felt here, by the by, I didn't feel it. But ANYLF is on the road, and we can't afford to take all the fancy equipment with us every time.

In other news, there is a lot of fancy equipment that accompanies baby. There is also a great deal of flash photography.

Y'all push your glasses back deeper on their shelves out there. Make sure all the cabinet doors are closed tight. Make sure you know where all the doorjambs are so you can stand under them if need be. Here's guessing these guys are busy today. Here's guessing they know where to stand.

It's nice to have experts in an emergency.

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AMR said...

I agree that the Jackson post is incredible, but I also love the metaphorical aspect of this one. An earthquake in Bloomington, Indiana? That must have been God's way of announcing your visit.