Friday, April 11, 2008

Windows Open.

Go outside, go outside, go outside. La Vieja's daughter's son is in the front yard raking leaves with his mom. Little red plastic rake. Lots of questions about the outside world: About geese flying by, about dirt, about sticky thorny holly bush leaves. Stay away from those and they won't get on you, La Vieja Jr. keeps saying. La Less Vieja. Sound advice.

Low clouds racing by, but not much wind down here on the ground. More like a breeze. A cardinal on the motion light on the shed. Sun spilling out over everything. Birds going crazy since well before it started getting light. We slept with the windows open. Pollen all over the back table. Air still damp enough to soften the papers I've been grading.

66 already and they want to give us 80 before we get finished. Maybe a little thunderstorm later on, maybe not. Maybe one or two tomorrow, maybe not. Afternoon projects: Return late-day to the homestead semi-victorious from my noontime meeting, which may or may not require me to behave like an asshole, find somewhere to sit, drink a slow can of beer. Worry the backyard soil enough to get it to hang onto some overseeded grass seed. Invite the dog to join me.

Sunday we snap cold again for a while. Cool, at least. We don't get this back until this time next week. Find things to do out there. Go get your questions. Go get your red plastic rakes.

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