Friday, April 4, 2008

Thunder, Lightning.

Good-sized thunderstorm. Dog with the emergency panting. Half-inch minimum already. Much more coming, it looks like. We've gone a kind of odd green here at ANYLF, which only means I was playing with html-type-stuff this afternoon at school instead of grading papers. But this is spring, after all. Hard to grade papers when you're just waiting for it to storm. Which it now is. And if this project is about anything at all, it's got to be about taking care of the storm-scared dog pushing, pushing against you, and also listening to it crash and rumble outside. More on all this tomorrow, friends and fans of thunder. Various small emergencies here to which to attend. Good ones.

Oh: And I'm not saying the drought is broken. The drought is not broken. But this, I'm pretty sure, is what it looks like when it rains.

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