Thursday, April 3, 2008

Digital Age.

I know we don't have electronic data retrieval or self-emptying rainfall-measuring digital rain gauge cups or any kind of interfacing software or anything of that sort here at the largely analog operations center of ANYLF, but we're still reporting seven tenths of rain in the pansy bed, which is located seven tenths or so of an inch away from the WeatherDeck. They were not promising us this. The fancies were not promising us anything at all like this.


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

i know you're trying to take a break from the pitcher-takin but i do love that new one of the japanese maple. like a tiny person is fixing to walk across it.

Drew Perry said...

thank you. i'm not quitting cold turkey -- just got a little caught up in it. i took this thursday morning. got out underneath our little tree and pointed up into all that gray.